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Welcome to Portal Tutoring's Resource Page. Here you will find links to resources which supplement the tutoring one receives and may be useful for those needing information about blindness or technology. They are divided into several categories. This page is likely to change often as more resources are added and obsolete links are removed, so please check back to see what's new.

Portal Tutoring's Free Newsletter

Portal Tutoring offers a free newsletter to keep students, and other interested individuals current with what is happening at Portal Tutoring. To access the latest of these newsletters, choose the link below.

Portal Tutoring's Materials

Portal Tutoring offers a set of basic tutorials on computer concepts called Mini Blinds. These thirteen tutorials are available in four formats: Microsoft Word, braille ready file, audio files and hard copy braille. For complete information, go to the Bookstore link in the blue navigation bar.

Please feel free to download the free file Email Dos And Don'ts Free download This file is freely given as an example of the type of tutorials which are available from Portal Tutoring.

We are also pleased to offer a text book designed for the beginning computer user. Entitled Introduction To Computers, this book can be purchased from Portal Tutoring. See the Bookstore for further details.

Portal Tutoring is pleased to announce that we now have a selection of audio classes. Entitled Sound Foundations, they come in two series: Basic and System Access Mobile Networ. See the Bookstore for details.

Portal Tutoring is pleased to present its writing curriculum. Included is a group of pamphlets on writing small documents and a text book Writing For Today Check the bookstore page for details.

This link leads to practice exercises for students of Portal Tutoring. They are fake forms and the like for practice only. These may change so you might want to check this link often. Portal Tutoring Exercises for students

Internet Resources

the following is a list of resources for materials and tutorials which can supplement anything from Portal Tutoring. These may change as new resources become available, so be sure to check this section of the web page often.

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