Hello, and welcome to a most unusual home page. You won't find any whizzy graphics, except for the photo below, but I think you'll find some pertinent information about its owner, and what I'm up to, for I am one of those who is exploring the uses of The Internet to expand our lives and to give a new slant to education.

Photo of Ann K. Parsons

To hear a welcome message from me, please access the following link.

Personal Information

I am a teacher; my curriculum vitae will give you full details about the professional and academic me.

Who I am is more difficult, for like Tolkien's Tree-beard, "My name is growing all the time." But I hope that the following pages will give you a taste of some of who I am.

Portal Tutoring

Because I believe that "knowledge is power" and that all people should have access to computers and the Internet, I have started a small business called Portal Tutoring. To learn more, access the link below.

Ann Foundation

No, it's not my foundation, but it has been one of my projects.

If you go to my Biography, from this page, you will see a link to the journals which I kept during my three trips to southern India under the auspices of Ann Foundation. My life has turned a corner and I am not active with this organization any longer, but I am still interested in its work, and I am happy to have been able to contribute to its mission during the past two and a half years. Perhaps I will be able to resume my work in India in future, but that is not possible at this time. Ann Foundation's plans for future missions continue. The need for funding is ongoing so that its goals can be accomplished. To see what you can do to help, access the link above.

The Enabling Support Foundation

I am also involved in the development of an on-line project part of a non-profit organization called the Enabling Support Foundation, ESF. This organization, based in Boston and in New York City, has a mission statement which addresses the need for computer access by persons with disabilities. I am helping to design the on-line training and support division of this organization.It is a nexus for information and support. For more information choose the link below.

Becoming A Teacher Of Braille

In January of 2012, I was asked by The New York State Commision for the Blind, NYSCB, to teach Braille to four students. This was because the local gal who was teaching Braille to adults at ABVI-Goodwill had retired. I took on the challenge. I have been teaching Braille ever since. I have found it to be a challenge and a rewarding one. These students have lost their sight later in life, after having been literate in print for many years. It is so inspiring to watch these people who never thought they could read or write again to bloom when they discover that Braille is their gateway to becoming literate again. One of my biggest challenges as well as one of my biggest rewards has come from my recent work with adults who are deaf and also visually impaired. These people want to learn Braille in order to communicate with others if their sight is lost completely. They are eager to learn and they are challenging because I must work through an interpreter. All my students inspire me, but these particular students give so much back to me. I am proud to know them and to teach them all.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my home page. You are welcome anytime. If you have questions, comments, or just want to chat, send me email.

Ann K. Parsons