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Fees For Training

At Portal Tutoring, we believe that access to a computer, especially for someone with a disability, is essential. Therefore, Ms. Parsons and Portal Tutoring have made every effort to make computer training affordable.

Ms. Parsons and Portal Tutoring are vendors for The New York State Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped ( NYSCB ). Any student who is sponsored by NYSCB or any other government agency is charged according to the current rate(s) set by the sponsoring government agency.

Portal Tutoring's Payment Policy Portal Tutoring requires that each private student submit payment prior to the start of lessons. Students pay for a given number of lesson-hours, (e.g., three hours for $75.00). Portal Tutoring keeps an account of each student s lesson-hours spent, and deducts those spent lesson-hours from that student s total. A student may replenish his or her account to pay for further lessons.

Portal Tutoring does not normally refund unused tuition. If payment has been by a third-party corporate or government sponsor, and the sponsored student has not used all of the purchased lesson-hours, Portal Tutoring will credit the third-party sponsor with the unused lesson-hours for reassignment by the sponsor to another student. Portal Tutoring will hold any unused lesson-hours either to comport with the sponsor s policies or until the end of the calendar year, whichever is longer. This hold policy does not apply if the sponsor has submitted a voucher for a given number of lesson-hours. In that case, the lesson-hours used will be recorded on the voucher to ensure accurate billing.

A complete listing of Portal Tutoring's fees for private tutoring and for group presentations is provided below. Please note: if a student desires face-to-face tutoring, and he/she is located outside the Rochester Mitropolitan area, the charge for such lessons is fifty dollars ($50.00) plus mileage, billed at the federal rate of $.54 per mile. These students will receive their own invoices which can be paid via Paypal by using akp@portaltutoring.info as the payee, or by check or money order. Contact us by email at the address listed in the blue navigation bar at the end of the table. Thank you for choosing Portal Tutoring for all of your computer training needs.

Fees For Tutoring
Private academic $25.00 per hour
Private computer $25.00 per hour
Private Braille for individuals $25.00 per hour
Private adaptive equipment $25.00 per hour
face to Face, outside Rochester area all curricula $25.00 per hour plus expenses
Group presentations all subjects $50.00 per hour

Payment can be made for computer tutoring hours conveniently online by entering the number of hours you wish to pay for below, and hitting the Submit button. You will be taken to Paypal where you can pay via credit card or from your own Paypal account. We accept money orders or bank checks. We prefer not to accept personal checks unless absolutely necessary.

To make payments for items from the Bookstore, please use the links to Paypal on the Bookstore page or contact Portal Tutoring directly.

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