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The Online Classroom

Portal Tutoring now offers an online classroom. This affords students a safe, secure, comfortable place to meet with your teacher. There are many reasons for opting for online tutoring. Here are some of them.

  • no need for transportation costs to either tutor or student
  • ability to access a tutor from a rural area
  • secure place for discussion, protected with password
  • Distance is no barrier
  • ability to accommodate text chat
  • ability to accommodate audio chat
  • ability to show web pages and files

With all these advantages, you can't beat online tutoring. Combine face to face tutoring with online tutoring and never be stopped by bad weather or car breakdowns again. See your tutor once a month or once a semester face to face and meet online to discuss progress or to check a given process on the computer. All you need is a computer running Windows98, Windows2000, XP, Vista or Windows7; a sound card and a microphone.

You will need a password to access Portal Tutoring's online classroom. To obtain it, as well as to discuss tutoring arrangements, please contact us by phone: (585) 244-0477, or via email by using the Contact Link in the blue box at the right side of the page labeled Navigation Bar.

To enter the classroom, activate the link below. If this is your first experience with the Talkcom software, then you will need to download the little plug-in by activating that link and allowing your computer to download the software.

Once that is done, enter your name and your password in the edit boxes, tab to the login button and press the spacebar. You'll be all set! Remember, if you are using a screen reader, particularly Window-Eyes, you must press the enter key on the first edit box in order to make it possible to enter the data. For users of the latest Window-Eyes, you will hear it say, "browse off". Users of other screen readers need not do this.

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