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Ann K. Parsons, B.A., M.S.
Professional Tutor since 1978
National and International
Academic and Computer Tutoring

Knowledge is Power

Put the world at your fingertips! Use computers, adaptive equipment and Braille! Gain power by accessing accurate, up-to-date information on your own.

Portal Tutoring gives you the keys to unlock the doors to information. Walk into the light of information access! Limitations fall by the wayside. Expand your horizons now!

Our computer tutoring will enable you to enter the world of high tech

  • See how a computer can enhance your life.
    • Imagine reading newspapers and books you download from the Internet.
    • Scan print books and your computer will read them aloud to you or enjoy Internet radio. <
    • You can search for employment online.
    • Research school projects.
    • Take an online college course for credit.
    • Research legal matters.
    • You can shop without leaving home.
    • Learn about new adaptive products.
    • Use the Internet for networking
    • Receive personal mail you can read yourself.

    Portal Tutoring offers tutoring in the use of specialized equipment for the blind.

    • Increase your efficiency with a Braille Tablet.
    • Learn to use an electronic Braille reader.
    • Learn how to be more efficient by using a note-taker.
    • Read books on a digital book player.

    Take advantage of Portal Tutoring's classes in Braille instruction.

    • Learn how Braille can improve your efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Braille will enable you to label clothing and materials in your home.
    • play Braille games.
    • communicate with family and friends in Braille.

    To hear what's in store for you if you choose Portal Tutoring for your training needs, please access the audio file below.

  • An audio introduction

  • Bookstore

    Portal Tutoring announces its bookstore. There you will find pamphlets, books and audio classes to meet your training needs. If you do not wish to be tutored, or if you would prefer reference materials or independent study classes, then we have what you need.

    You may purchase these items by using the shopping cart in the bookstore. However, if you do not wish to buy online, you may contact me, Ann Parsons, via the link in the navigation bar and order them via email or by telephone. They will be sent to you as soon as your payment arrives. You may also pay for tutoring via our 'fees' page. There is a link to our Paypal shopping cart there. We accept paypal, money orders and personal checks if absolutely necessary.

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